Weight Loss: Going at Your Own Pace

Weight loss is more than just doing, but rather wanting to do it. Those are two separate things that you need to understand if you’re ever going to lose weight. There is no denying that weight loss is a big market, and by big market, we’re talking about billions in yearly revenues from people who want to lose weight. Before you invest in weight loss and weight loss products, first you must be serious in losing weight.

Even supplements make it clear that they must be accompanied by exercise and proper dieting in order to work. Wherever you look, there is no easy way of losing fat unless you go under the knife.

But don’t get discouraged. While losing weight requires work on your part, it isn’t a big step no matter how much fat you have: It’s all a matter of having the will to persevere in your exercise routine.

Mental Conditioning

Who says only your muscles need proper conditioning? Mental conditioning takes your exercise and weight loss to a whole new step; in fact, it’s what gets you started everyday. It’s called proper motivation.

Contrary to popular belief it’s not how many reps you can make in a setting, but rather the frequency of your exercise. Since our body is built for adapting to its environment, it needs consistency. So the point here is to have you start a routine, not bulk you up with heavy exercise for a day. Our bodies have natural clocks and rhythms that control when we sleep and when we wake up, but with proper discipline you can develop an activity into a habit that you just have to do everyday.

Here are some tips:

  • Slow but steady wins the race. This cliché line may have been said a lot of times before, not because the joking is getting old, it is because it is an effective means of starting exercise. If you want to start, start small but at a steady pace. Can’t handle 15 lbs. of weight? Try something smaller, but make sure you do it everyday so that you’ll not only be getting stronger but you’ll build your body’s natural rhythm that makes it a part of your daily schedule.
  • Never strain yourself. Although toughing it out can certainly be a bold start to most people who want to lose weight and gain muscle, it will wear you on the succeeding days until your muscles can recover. Another bad thing about this is that it can potentially cause muscle breakages, thus making the whole point of exercising pretty useless. In order to achieve an optimal workout, be sure to stick at safer reps, if you can’t manage to finish the designated reps yet, lower it. If you think the reps are getting easier, move up. It’s that simple.
  • Make it fun. If lifting weights or running like hell doesn’t seem to float your boat, then try fun and engaging activities like sports. Popular martial arts such as kickboxing or Brazilian jujitsu can certainly peak one’s interest in learning a new self-defense art on top of exercising.